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 About Us 

The European Musical Instrument Alliance (EMIA) is an alliance of major European trade associations in the musical instrument industry. It sees itself as a forum and discourse space for relevant national and international associations and organisations with the aim of identifying, discussing, shaping and optimising the economic and legal framework conditions for all areas of the musical instrument industry and addressing them to politicians.

The EMIA stands up for the cultural and economic interests of the musical instrument and musical equipment industry nationally and throughout Europe, with the aim of strengthening the competitiveness of the industry in all market sectors, helping to shape the political and legal framework conditions in accordance with the requirements of the industry and promoting up-to-date further and advanced training in music, as well as promoting active music-making and musical skills in society.

 The preservation and development of musical life must continue to be an obligation for Europe in the future. 

Our Mission

In the world, Europe is regarded as an outstanding continent of music, as a music region par excellence. Music and musical instruments are both a cultural heritage and an economic factor. The prospects for Europe as a land of music can be measured above all by its potential. The diversity of cultural heritage, contemporary forms of artistic expression and the cultures of other countries in Europe characterize the heart of cultural diversity in Europe and, in combination with the geopolitical situation and the level of economic development, provide an excellent starting point for drawing on this potential. However, all of this is at stake. The preservation and development of musical life must continue to be an obligation for Europe in the future.

Our Vision

Music is part of every person's life - from prenatal to death - and has a major impact on the personal evolution and shaping of the lives of musicians in particular. The extensive individual and social impact mechanisms of music-making are too easily lost sight of in purely statistical considerations. For this reason, in addition to the numerous studies and scientifically proven findings on the importance of music making, it is more important than ever for the individual as well as for society to bring the intrinsic value of music and music making back to the focus. As right as it is to emphasize again and again the indirect and immediate effects of making music, it is equally important to bring music for its own sake back into the public consciousness.

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